Statement from Jo (PTTP co-founder & studio manager)


"After 11 incredible years, full to the brim of creativity, love and community I have taken the difficult decision to “retire” from being an “Arts Organiser” and step back from managing Print To The People


This decision is based on a lot of thought and reflection over the past year. One thing Covid has done is given me the chance to have something I never normally get to have – time out from all the admin involved in the day to day running of PTTP. The head space this created made me realise how much the stress and weight of responsibility of running an organisation like PTTP had encroached on my life / work balance and is not something I feel I can go back to.


I know this statement will make a lot of people feel sad but it really is a case of ‘all good things must come to an end’ and when I look back at everything we achieved over the years it is with a feeling of great warmth and joy rather than one of sadness. As Vicki took a step back from PTTP a few years ago to focus on her own practice – it is now my time to do the same.

PTTP has always been more than just a job to me, it has not even just been about my passion for printmaking it has been about friends, family and the phenomenal community that is the fine City of Norwich (and its surrounding areas!) and for that I really do thank you from the bottom of my inky heart!”


Although this will mark the end of PTTP as an organisation and the closing of our studio on Pitt Street, it does not mean the end of there being a Printmaking Studio in Norwich. Some members of the team are working together turn our Letterpress At The Lodge space into Norwich Printmaking Hub where you will be able to enjoy all the processes we catered for at PTTP just on a smaller scale. This space will be open to the public later this year (Covid dependent) to be kept up to date with progress please email:


Any course / workshop bookings will be refunded in due course and open access members with an up to date membership will be refunded – there will be a lot of admin to work through so please bear with us!


If you have any questions about this statement please email :


PTTP would never have got anywhere without all the amazing volunteers who have helped us over the years (too many to mention but you know who you are!) especially our little print family so give them a follow to see what they get up to next: 


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